iLeadon Ergonomic Mouse Pad Wrist Support with Massage Design


Are you still troubled by wrist soreness and fatigue? Are you still looking for a different mouse pad for your family, colleagues, and friends? Welcome to the “iLeadon” store, with a unique pattern design style, carefully selected patterns are more attractive. Will add artistic flavor to your lifestyle, unique style colors make the iLeadon mouse pads a chic decoration, add personality to your computer desk, maintain a good mood, and increase work/study efficiency. This cloud wrist rest will make a great gift for friends, family, classmates, and colleagues.


  • Durable, very thick, and the surface and edges will never break.
  • The mouse pads for desk with wrist support is available in different cute pattern options, suitable for both men and women.
  • The fine-textured surface improves tracking of mouse movements, and the non-slip rubber bottom grips the tabletop securely.
  • Enough to protect and support your wrist, provide a soft cushioning feel, and the space is enough to cover mouse movement.

Package Included

1 × wrist pad for mouse


When you receive the mouse pad, please don’t worry about the smell of the mouse pad. The smell is just the smell attached to it when it was newly made, and it is non-toxic. You can put the mouse pad in a ventilated place, and the smell will gradually disappear.

Ergonomic Massage Design

The ergonomic mouse pad has a slope and massage bump design to provide perfect support for the wrist and palm. The massage bump design can effectively relieve wrist pain and fatigue and also play a certain role in relieving carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). Massaging the gaps between the bumps also increases airflow to prevent sweating and keep you comfortable.

Memory Foam Material

Soft and comfortable air memory foam material, when you put your hand on this mouse pad, you will feel like your hand is on the cloud. Excellent resilience performance ensures that the mouse pad with wrist support is not easily deformed during long-term use. Built-in wrist rest promotes a natural hand position, reducing strain and fatigue.

Super Smooth Surface

The surface is made of silky lycra fabric, abrasion-free, pilling-free, and comfortable to touch. The mousepad with wrist rest features an ultra-smooth surface that offers superior mouse control and precision, while also providing wrist support and comfort. The slope design does not interfere with mouse movement.

Long Size

33x20x2cm. The extended size has a massage effect when sliding the mouse. And the mouse pad is plenty wide, for you to drag your mouse across both screens with ease, it will be the ideal mouse pads for desk computer keyboard. The mouse wrist rest plays an important role in study and office.

Non-slip PU Base

The durable PU anti-slip bottom keeps it firmly in place on any surface, preventing slipping or sliding during use. Whether you’re a gamer or a professional, wrist rest for mouse with PU non-slip base can provide excellent stability.


In conclusion, the iLeadon Ergonomic Mouse Pad Wrist Support with Massage Design is a must-have accessory for anyone experiencing wrist soreness and fatigue. With its unique pattern design, durable construction, and ergonomic features, it provides the perfect support and comfort for your wrist and palm. The soft memory foam material and super smooth surface enhance your mouse control and precision. The long size and non-slip PU base make it suitable for both work and gaming. Say goodbye to wrist pain and fatigue with the iLeadon mouse pad.