Stewart 2409071AM Blenheim Half Barrel, Copper Effect, 61 cm

Stewart 2409071AM Blenheim Half Barrel, Copper Effect, 61 cm

Are you looking for a stylish and durable addition to your garden? Look no further than the Stewart 2409071AM Blenheim Half Barrel. This unique barrel combines functionality with elegance, making it the perfect choice for any outdoor space.


Robust Construction

The Stewart 2409071AM Blenheim Half Barrel is made from durable plastic, ensuring its longevity. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it frost proof and suitable for year-round use.

Lightweight Design

Despite its robust construction, this barrel is surprisingly lightweight. This makes it easy to move around your garden, allowing you to experiment with different layouts and designs.

Water Garden Option

Unlike traditional planters, the Stewart 2409071AM Blenheim Half Barrel does not have drainage holes. This unique feature allows you to use it as a water garden, creating a serene and tranquil atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Generous Size

With dimensions of H: 42cm x W: 61cm x L: 61cm, this barrel offers ample space for your plants to thrive. It has an impressive 80 litre soil capacity, allowing you to create a vibrant and flourishing garden.

Elegant Design

The Black Oak effect with copper accents gives this barrel a sophisticated and stylish look. The copper accents add a touch of luxury, making it a standout piece in any garden. Please note that the actual color may vary slightly from the image.

Made in the UK

The Stewart 2409071AM Blenheim Half Barrel is proudly manufactured in the UK. This ensures high-quality craftsmanship and supports local businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this barrel for planting flowers?

Yes, absolutely! The Stewart 2409071AM Blenheim Half Barrel is perfect for planting flowers, herbs, or small shrubs. Its generous size allows for a variety of plants to be grown.

Can I leave this barrel outside during winter?

Yes, you can. The frost-proof construction of this barrel makes it suitable for year-round use. However, it is recommended to cover it or move it to a sheltered area during extreme weather conditions.

Is assembly required?

No, this barrel comes ready to use. Simply unpack it and place it in your desired location. It is lightweight and easy to handle.


The Stewart 2409071AM Blenheim Half Barrel is the perfect addition to any garden. Its robust construction, lightweight design, and elegant appearance make it a versatile and attractive choice. Whether you use it for planting or as a water garden, it is sure to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. Order yours today and transform your garden into a stunning oasis.