Sorbus Garment Rack Cover – Protect Your Clothes in Style


Are you tired of your clothes getting dusty and wrinkled in your wardrobe? Look no further! The Sorbus Garment Rack Cover is here to save the day. With its transparent design and durable construction, this cover is the perfect solution to keep your clothes clean and organized.

Main Features

1. Large & Versatile

Whether you have floor-length gowns, suits, dresses, or coats, this garment rack cover has got you covered. It is designed to fit over your rolling rack and can accommodate a variety of clothing items. Say goodbye to cluttered closets and hello to a well-organized wardrobe.

2. Clear for Easy Access

With its clear design, this garment cover allows for easy visibility of your clothes. No more rummaging through your wardrobe to find the perfect outfit. Simply glance at the cover and pick out what you need. It’s that simple!

3. Portable for Home, Travel, and Events

Whether you need to protect your clothes at home, during travel, or at events, this garment rack cover is your go-to solution. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for fashion stylists, wardrobe professionals, and anyone on the go. It folds flat for convenient storage when not in use.

4. Dustproof Design

Keep your clothes safe from dust, moths, insects, and unpleasant odors with this dustproof garment cover. It features two full-length front zippers for easy access and is made of clear PEVA plastic with white trim. The durable stitched seams ensure extra strength and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the garment rack included?

A: No, the garment rack is not included. This listing is for the cover only.

Q: How do I clean the cover?

A: Simply wipe the cover with a wet towel to remove any dirt or stains.

Q: Can I use this cover for other purposes?

A: Absolutely! This versatile cover can also be used to protect coats, hangers, and clothing racks. Get creative and make the most out of this multi-functional product.


The Sorbus Garment Rack Cover is a must-have for anyone looking to keep their clothes clean, organized, and easily accessible. Its transparent design, portability, and dustproof features make it the perfect solution for home, travel, and events. Say goodbye to messy wardrobes and hello to a stylish and clutter-free clothing storage solution.