Granny: The Full Body Ventriloquist Puppet

Introducing Granny, the Silly Puppet from the USA

Granny, the black grandmother puppet, is now available in the UK and Europe! This full body, ventriloquist doll style puppet is a must-have for puppet enthusiasts of all ages.

Easy Moving Mouth and Arm Control Rod

Granny features an incredibly easy moving mouth, making her perfect for both beginners and experienced puppeteers. With a metal arm control rod, operating this puppet is a breeze. Simply insert your hand into the slot in the puppet’s back and open and close your hand to make the mouth move. It’s just like how Muppet and Sesame Street puppets are operated!

Lightweight and Durable

Granny’s body is poly-fill stuffed and soft, making her lightweight and easy to handle. Weighing in at only 500 grams, she is comfortable to hold and perform with. These puppets are also incredibly durable and made to last a lifetime, ensuring countless hours of entertainment.

Complete with Removable Clothing

Granny comes fully dressed as shown, although clothing may vary slightly due to fabric availability. However, the clothes are removable, allowing you to dress her up in different outfits. This puppet wears child size 18 months clothes, adding to her adorable charm.

Perfect for Various Performances and Entertainment

Granny is highly recommended for a wide range of performances and entertainment purposes. Whether it’s puppet ministry, school performances, talent shows, drama, theater, therapy, or simply good clean fun at home, Granny is the perfect companion. Give her a try, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What age is Granny recommended for?
  2. Granny is recommended for ages 5 and up. However, children under this age can still enjoy her with the help of an adult or older child operating the puppet.


Granny, the full body ventriloquist style puppet, is a fantastic addition to any puppet collection. With her easy moving mouth, lightweight design, and durable construction, she is perfect for both beginners and experienced puppeteers. Whether you’re looking to put on a show, entertain children, or simply have fun at home, Granny is the ideal companion. Get your Granny puppet today and let the storytelling begin!