Black Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Folding Rollator Wheeled Walker Walking Frame with Seat and Bag


The Black Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Folding Rollator is a versatile and convenient mobility aid designed to provide support and comfort for individuals with mobility issues. This rollator features a sturdy aluminium frame that is both lightweight and durable, making it easy to maneuver and transport.

The rollator is equipped with larger 18cm wheels, providing stability and smooth movement on various terrains. The total height of the rollator is adjustable, ranging from 33” / 82cm to 38” / 97cm, ensuring a comfortable fit for users of different heights.

With a total width of 23″ / 58cm and a total depth of 25″ / 63cm, this rollator offers ample space for users to move around comfortably. The seat height is 21.5” / 55cm, providing a convenient resting spot for users during long walks. The seat width is 14″ / 35cm, and the seat depth is 12″ / 30cm, ensuring a comfortable seating experience.

The rollator also features a total width between arms of 17″ / 43cm, allowing users to easily grip the handles for added stability and support. The foldable design of the rollator makes it compact and easy to store or transport. When folded, the rollator has a height of 33″ / 84cm, a width of 23″ / 58cm, and a depth of 9″ / 23cm.

This rollator has a weight limit of 135kg/21 stone, making it suitable for a wide range of users. Despite its sturdy construction, the rollator itself weighs only 6.3 kg / 13.8 lbs, ensuring ease of use and portability.


1. Lightweight Aluminium Frame

The rollator is made of high-quality aluminium, providing a lightweight yet durable construction. This makes it easy to maneuver and transport, perfect for individuals who are always on the go.

2. Larger 18cm Wheels

The rollator is equipped with larger 18cm wheels, offering stability and smooth movement on various terrains. Users can confidently navigate through different surfaces without worrying about bumps or obstacles.

3. Foldable Design

The rollator can be easily folded front to back in seconds, allowing for convenient storage and transportation. It can fit in the boot of a car, making it ideal for travel, holidays, and days out.

4. Easy-to-Use Brakes

The rollator features easy-to-use brakes that allow users to slow down or lock the rollator in place. This provides added safety and control, especially when navigating slopes or uneven surfaces.

5. Padded Seat

The rollator is equipped with a padded seat, providing a comfortable resting spot for users during long walks. Users can take a break and sit down whenever needed, without compromising their comfort.

6. Height Adjustable Handles

The rollator’s handles are height adjustable, allowing users to customize the height according to their preference and comfort. This ensures proper posture and reduces strain on the back and shoulders.

7. Anatomic Handgrips

The rollator is designed with anatomic handgrips, providing a comfortable and secure grip for users. This ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue and enhances overall user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the listed price VAT exempt?

A: Yes, the listed price is VAT exempt. However, we require a short message with the name and medical condition of the user to qualify for this price. Please ignore the form below.


The Black Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Folding Rollator is a reliable and convenient mobility aid that offers comfort, stability, and ease of use. With its lightweight aluminium frame, larger wheels, foldable design, and adjustable features, this rollator is perfect for individuals who require assistance with walking or have limited mobility. Whether for daily use or travel purposes, this rollator provides the necessary support and convenience to enhance the user’s mobility and independence.