Amaco Velvet Underglaze – Pint – V-309 Deep Yellow

Amaco Velvet Underglaze – Pint – V-309 Deep Yellow

Are you a ceramic artist searching for the perfect underglaze to bring your creations to life? Look no further than the Amaco Velvet Underglaze in Deep Yellow. This vibrant and versatile product is a must-have for any artist looking to add a pop of color to their ceramic pieces.

Why Choose Amaco Velvet Underglaze?

Amaco Velvet Underglaze is known for its rich and vibrant colors that can be easily applied to both greenware and bisqueware. The Deep Yellow shade, in particular, adds a warm and sunny touch to any ceramic piece. Whether you’re creating functional pottery or decorative sculptures, this underglaze will enhance the beauty of your work.

Easy Application

One of the standout features of Amaco Velvet Underglaze is its ease of application. The creamy consistency allows for smooth and even coverage, ensuring that your colors are applied exactly as you envision. Whether you prefer to brush, sponge, or spray your underglaze, the Deep Yellow shade will adhere effortlessly to your ceramic surface.


Another reason to choose Amaco Velvet Underglaze is its versatility. This underglaze can be used on a wide range of clay bodies and firing temperatures, making it suitable for artists of all preferences and techniques. Whether you work with earthenware, stoneware, or porcelain, the Deep Yellow shade will provide stunning results.

Durable Finish

Once fired, the Amaco Velvet Underglaze transforms into a durable and long-lasting finish. The Deep Yellow shade retains its vibrant color even after multiple firings, ensuring that your ceramic pieces will stand the test of time. Whether you’re creating functional dinnerware or decorative vases, this underglaze will maintain its beauty for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I mix different shades of Amaco Velvet Underglaze?
  2. Yes, you can mix different shades of Amaco Velvet Underglaze to create custom colors. Experiment with different combinations to achieve unique and personalized results.

  3. Do I need to apply a clear glaze over the underglaze?
  4. It is recommended to apply a clear glaze over the underglaze to protect the colors and achieve a glossy finish. However, this is optional and depends on your desired outcome.

  5. Can I use Amaco Velvet Underglaze on greenware?
  6. Yes, Amaco Velvet Underglaze can be applied to greenware before the bisque firing. This allows for more control over the colors and designs.

In conclusion, the Amaco Velvet Underglaze in Deep Yellow is a must-have for ceramic artists looking to add a vibrant touch to their creations. With its easy application, versatility, and durable finish, this underglaze will elevate the beauty of your ceramic pieces. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring your artistic vision to life with the Amaco Velvet Underglaze.